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Clopay and Amarr Branded Doors for Garages

07/05/2015 Back To Blog

Garage Door Repair Moraga will undertake any maintenance, servicing, and installation for both Clopay and Amarr brands. The qualities of these garage doors are one of the principal reasons why they remain the top choice for unparalleled property upgrades. That is not to ignore some of the weaknesses that must be addressed through care and learning. Nevertheless, it must be pointed out that these brands represent what is trulyoutstanding about the home maintenance industry.


Clopay Doors


These are very versatile doors that are applicable with extensive property styles and types. For example wood can be used on the traditional buildings whereas glass is more attuned to the modern constructions. The thing that is a constant in all these configurations is a product that is practical to use while at the same time addressing the stylistic requirements of property owners. It is an established brand that is available throughout the USA and Canada as well.Clopay and Amarr Branded Doors for Garages

Features: Through a series of product upgrades, Clopay has come up with garage doors that are very easy to install. By the same vein, maintenance is not an issue as long as you follow the triple Holy Grail of cleaning, lubrication, and timely replacement. These doors are strong enough to handle the traffic within commercial properties but also elegant enough to grace a domestic residence.

Functionality: In order to address the weather conditions, the Clopay collection is prepared with local building codes in mind. One of the additional benefits of this approach is an insulation rating that is one of the very best in the industry. The Clopay Intellicore garage door is noted for its automated functionality and super convenient features.

Amarr Doors

The fundamental design ethos that is associated with this brand makes it a leading contender on the market. The designs are not overly elaborate and the doors are made from materials that are durable. Moreover, it is an energy efficient product line that will ultimately keep your bills low. You are given quite an extensive choice of materials to choose from with fiberglass being one of the more innovative ones. This is a brand that is not afraid to use modern technology in order to improve product performance and satisfy consumer demands.

Features: One of the primary benefits of using Amarr is that you get the opportunity to customize your own garage doors. Furthermore, it is easy to add a slew of premium upgrades like insulation and electronic openers.

Functionality: It is important to lubricate all the metal parts on carriage style doors since rust remains a problem. Like any other product in the class, these Amarr doors require regular cleaning. Replace any brackets, cables, or springs that are weakening since the doors are very heavy and need the extra support.  If you are stuck at any point, the user manual has detailed instructions that can work together with our professional help.

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