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If you are interested to learn more about garage door maintenance, read the following garage door tips

Who doesn't love tips! When it comes to garage doors, tips become a necessity. This is the reason why we make it our job to offer you the best tips, both interesting and relevant to most people. We are aware of your needs and of the issues which concern you the most, and offer tips accordingly. These tips won't only help you deal with garage door issues but also prevent them

Weird noises – garage door repair

It’s pretty common fort the garage door to start making weird noises. Here is a simple garage door repair tip to help you fix that in a matter of minutes. All it really takes is some lubrication, be it grease or some WD-40. Locate the spot and lubricate generously.

Removing a garage door ‘Jam’

In an extremely cold environment, garage doors often ‘jam’ or freeze up. This is primarily due to the fact that there’s either a lot of snow stuck in it, or some mechanism has a frozen piece. Our experts suggest pulling at the door strongly to locate the jammed place. Use a hammer to strike the ice, once it breaks, you’re done!

Clean regularly

Garage doors need regular cleaning, just like other parts of the house. Allowing your garage door to build up dirt may cause different problems such as grime building up on the tracks or inside the automatic opener. Even if dirt looks harmless, it can actually cause different forms of damage on your garage door.

Check the batteries in the remote frequently

As the power within a garage door remote weakens, the signal becomes less consistent. Weak remote batteries can be the cause of activation delays, distance issues and complete failure. Change the batteries often for the best chance of maintaining a system that works consistently. This should be the first thing you check when the opener shows any behavioral problems.

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