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Should I really replace my damaged garage door with a new one?

A damaged garage door is enough to cause trouble. In most cases, any attempt to fix it yourself will only cause even more harm. If your garage door has suffered damage, it is best to leave the repairs to one of our experts at Garage Door Repair Moraga.

Is there a garage door that can fit unusual sizes?

There are plenty of garage door types that can fit any size, allowing the right type of door for custom-built garages. Your garage can be inspected to gauge the proper size, which will then be used to determine the right size for your new garage door.

Why are there vertical, horizontal and curved tracks?

These three types of garage door tracks are useful to standard and high lift systems. The vertical tracks run along the wall beside the door frame. The horizontal tracks are installed on the ceiling and the curved ones join the other two together at the corner where the wall and ceiling meet.

Can I select any material for my garage doors?

The standard options are wood, aluminum, steel and fiberglass. However, we are able to do additional research for specialist materials depending on what you need for your garage door. The important thing is to ensure that the installation is fully functional at all times and that the material is properly maintained.

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