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The Safety Features of a Garage Door

06/16/2015 Back To Blog

The innovation in technology has made garage doors and garage door openers hi-tech and with safety features that are very beneficial for homeowners. If you are planning to have a new door installed, it is important to know all the safety features that it must have before purchasing. It is not enough that it provides optimum security; it must also keep you and your family safe and out of danger at all times.The Safety Features of a Garage Door

Provides optimum security

The first safety feature is the automatic reverse. This is a feature wherein the door that is actually closing will suddenly reverse and open if an object or person is detected by the garage door sensors. You can check if this works by placing a detectable object underneath the door and see if it will reverse. Another feature of a door is its motion detection and this is important especially if you have kids who always play around the garage area. You can test if this works by pushing a toy car or a kid’s bike under the door as it closes. It will automatically reverse and open if the detector is functioning. Let us not forget that a door must also have a manual release mechanism. This is a handle that you can reach in case of an emergency situation when the door malfunctions or if there is a power outage.

Perform proper ,aintenance to be able to fully benefit from these safety features

Garage doors last a long time but it needs maintenance for it not to malfunction and not cause trouble or danger to anyone. The safety features will not work if the door is not in perfect condition. You can perform a balance test to know if everything is still working properly and put the door in manual mode so you can pull it on your own. Stop pulling, let it stay three or four feet above the floor, and check if the door stays in the same position. If it does then you can be worry-free. You can also consider seeking assistance from experts in our garage door company for a complete maintenance check.

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